Prostate Gland

Prostatitis/ Prostate Surgery

Inflammation or irritation of the prostate can cause urinary problems such as narrowing of the voiding path.
Incontinence occurs almost 100% of the time after prostate surgery. By strengthening the urine flow, you can help control your pelvic floor.

The prostate gland can be identified by examining through the anus.
Treatment and examination of pelvic floor control can be done around the anal area as well as internally near the prostate.
You can practice recruiting muscles of the pelvic floor including the anal sphincters (internal and external).

Erectile Dysfunction and other Sexual Dysfunction:
After Prostate surgeries ED can occur along with incontinence.
We can treat ED through exercise and electrical stimulation, and or trigger point release.

See this article below

"Application of the trigger point release/paradoxical relaxation training protocol was associated with significant improvement in pelvic pain, urinary symptoms, libido, ejaculatory pain, and erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction."

Journal J Urol- Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome MEN Sexual Dysf Trigger Point