Physical, Social, Mental Health, Medical history, Medicinal and Nutritional Interventions:

A Healed Person makes a Happy Person

Often, someone with pelvic health problems suffer for many years without resolution. Understandably, there's much frustration and disappointment in oneself and in healhcare providers: lack of information, insufficient attention to the problem, or incorrect diagnosis.

Having chronic pain or chronic problems leads to unhappiness and depression. We want to help you become a happier person.

We patiently help identify the root causes of the issues and work on layers of intervention to help clear up pain and problems.

We take time to get a thorough history. The first appointment includes a thorough interview and discussion with you.

Your health history includes any acute or chronic infections, inflammation, pain, and medications (prescribed or over the counter). There are a lot of overlapping or intertwining problems related to the pelvic floor, such as abdominal pain or surgeries, back pain, leg and feet pain, digestive problems, etc. Frequent colds or infections may indicate low immunity which makes it harder for you to heal.

Social supports and life habits are also important to know. Physical activity level, work load, past treatment attempts, etc, will be discussed. Relationships with spouse, partner, friends, children, parents, job or school atmospheres, financial stress, etc., have bearings on how well one heals. We need to see if these relate to how you solve problems. We help you better understand your body and reduce stress.

The more factors affecting a person, the slower it takes for the whole person to heal. Recognizing the issues is the first step in solving the problems.

Treatment is gentle and problems are resolved in incremental steps.

Some type of home program will be given for you to start on the first session. Then, for each subsequent session, we make recommendations to help you improve. You might have some ups and down days, but over all, you should expect to see some improvements. You will learn some ways to reduce pain and stress, or improve your strength, or how to become more aware of your movements and body functions. This will help you have more control over your situation.

If the problems cannot be resolved by us alone, we know to refer you to appropriate physicians to follow up for advisement and further medical treatment.

Give us honest feedbacks and we'll' work on solving problems together.

There are obviously some problems that cannot be fully treated but most problems can be resolved or reduced.
Treatment results range from a few visits to 1-3-6 months, depending on severity and consistency of visits.

With us, you'll be happy to find professionals who care about your concerns- we strive to heal to the best of our expertise.

Call us with questions- 813-631-9700 - We'll find answers together. Have a nice day!